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Election day and another diatribe for you

November 4, 2014

I sometimes read Libertarian websites. I have one I keep in my RSS feed because sometimes I am engaged by their arguments. I’ll admit that there’s a great deal of what constitutes libertarian thinking that I’m for. There’s enough that I don’t like that I’m not sure I could ever call myself a Libertarian.

It’s very interesting to me that there are many in what I would broadly call “the freedom movement” who are anti-government to the point that they will refuse to participate in government at all, even to the point of not voting.

I’ll just go on record and say that abdicating your right to influence government, when government is going to be getting in your way for the rest of your life, is possibly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, as it’s election day, I read an article by one of these guys about “25 Reasons I’d Never Get Elected”. I took the time to write out my objection to his post. As I’m writing this, it’s still being moderated, but I liked it enough to post it here too.

Here it is in its entirety.

“I am appalled to see this opinion held by so many in the freedom movement. Obviously voting has some effect or we wouldn’t be straddled with the debt, the bureaucracy, the military interventionism, the expanding role of government that we see encroaching on freedoms. Even if the only difference is the rate or speed with which it happens.

Your “No one would vote for me” patheticness is a crutch for your inability or unwillingness to engage the Dems and Reps in policy debate in the real world. It is protectionism for your comfortable ivory tower irrelevance.

My name is Russell Clements. I have a blog at I got elected and served two years on City Council. I was out-voted on 99.9999999% of everything that mattered, but I believe that my service forced the rest of Council and City Staff to hear “another side of the story”; one that hadn’t been heard for a very long time.

The problem isn’t that one vote doesn’t matter, it’s that people like you aren’t willing to pay the price to become an excellent communicator and change the hearts and minds of those who are presently running things. In those votes, taken, for example, by City Council members, one vote can very often change a great deal.

Why not try to engage those who don’t already agree with you and actually engage in the “battle of ideas”. Before too long, that “battle” may extend further than just ideas. Are you going to be as useless in that battle as well?

The two main reasons that I was willing to run for office were these: (1) I wanted to be a voice of reason speaking truth NOW so that when the calamitous effects of government policies come to be borne by the people in who’s behalf they were supposedly implemented, there would be a track record of warning that would give credibility when communities rebuild themselves. (2) When I am forced to defend the liberty of my family by force, I want to be able to have the moral conviction and rationalization, that I have attempted to “use the system” before resorting to the freedoms that God has entrusted to me.

I would challenge you to be the statesman you would be willing to vote for. If you are unable to summon the intestinal fortitude to run yourself, find a candidate that you can support and support them. Do not ever compromise, but do engage. If you will not vote for the lesser of two evils, then support a “good” candidate.
Yes, you will likely lose or worse, you might one day win. What will you do then?

Can you serve in office with the same convictions you espouse on paper? Could your arguments sway your fellow Council members or School Board members? Can you face the hail of disapproval and antipathy that will come your way?”

I can have no respect for such people as this author, who are only willing to throw sticks from afar when there is no reasonable expectation of harm or criticism. If his ideas are so potent, so valuable to society, then get out there and use them to vanquish some of the stupid ideology that sets itself up as wisdom. If you can’t do that, then just shut up and prepare for what you know is coming. Save what you can in your own way, but expect to have as much say in the future as you do in the present.


Will Tuesday be a Republican blood bath?

November 3, 2014

I had to laugh when I wrote the title of that one.  If there were a Republican blood bath, it would be from Republicans shooting themselves in the foot and bleeding all over themselves.

The big question of this election seems to be control of the Senate.  I’ve heard speculation on both sides that the Republicans will take it, others that they won’t.  The worst of both worlds?  That the Republicans would take control of the Senate and then do absolutely nothing with it.  Frankly, I think that’s what I’m expecting.

On the surface, it will look like the Republicans win, but then lacking the spine to actually accomplish anything, they’ll fiddle while Washington D.C. burns to the ground and Obama will stand laughing and pointing at Congress and blaming Republicans for having done nothing to stop the policies that Democrats have set in motion to destroy this once great nation.

Not only that, but the Republicans will “reach across the aisle” and “work with Democrats” instead of playing the game the way it should be played and flushing their Democrat people out as quickly as humanly possible.  It’s disheartening to be able to predict with such certainty the things that will be coming down the pike.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt I will be.


Ponderings on candidate choices

November 2, 2014

The time slots are so much easier to fit into one’s schedule. I was fairly surprised this year. When we went to vote, there were actually 12-15 people in line in front of us. Most of the time I walk in and get to vote without seeing anyone but the poll workers.

I hardly know what to think about that. I haven’t heard anything about voter turn out for this election, but historically, the off-years (years in which the President is not on the ballot) are pretty low for voter turn-out.

I thought it was interesting that there were nine different offices which garnered candidates from four parties: Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Green party. I love seeing that. While it gives the illusion of choice, I think we might all agree that the likelihood of a non Democrat or non Republican winning is fairly remote.

It would be a cool thing if someone won outside of the normal group of crazies.

It was also interesting to me that 33 positions had only a single person running for them. I had flashbacks of Communist elections where everyone gets to vote, but there’s only one candidate. I guess in this country “the people” self select. I can’t help but wonder though, if there’s only one candidate, how much of a choice do I really get to make?

Here’s for a real battle of ideas and multiple candidates for each position.

Obama lying again about role of ObamaCare and budgets

October 31, 2014

Freedom Works used the term “misleading” but I can’t bring myself to whitewash the situation like that.

The article quotes Obama saying that ObamaCare is the reason for improved deficits while purposefully ignoring the facts that the numbers get far worse the longer the project is in place.

The article goes on to say this:

The CBO issued a very stark warning to Congress if this sort of can-kicking continues. “At some point, investors would begin to doubt the government’s willingness or ability to pay its debt obligations, which would require the government to pay much higher interest costs to borrow money,” the report stated. “Even before that point was reached, the high and rising amount of federal debt that CBO projects under the extended baseline would have significant negative consequences for both the economy and the federal budget,” among which is a crowding out of private investment due to a “large amount of federal borrowing.” Americans could also see a mixture of higher taxes and a reduction of benefits and services.

This kind of nonsense is used by those foolish clowns who are willing to espouse this crap because in their minds, the end justifies the means. It’s worth destroying America in this way because what they will replace it with will be worth the sacrifice and destruction. Except that it never is. It is destroyed from within and without at terrible costs to everyone involved.

We’ve seen how this is playing out in our country. Instead of resolving our debt issues, we’re pretending like the problem doesn’t exist. Instead of managing our country to live on the tax receipts for the government, we have a central bank to just make money out of nothing and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

Just like Argentina, we’re going to get to the point where we can’t pay our bills. Where having failed to pay the piper, we’re left out in the cold by lenders or forced to by interest rates that reflect the serious detachment from reality that our government has perpetrated upon the world, we may be sure that it will catch up to us. When a borrower presents a false picture of their ability to repay, it’s called fraud. Unless it’s the government. We may be assured that this fraud will find us all.

Chinese Immigrant Against Common Core

October 30, 2014

Another excellent and intriguing article from FreedomWorks.

It’s short. You really should take the time to read it.

The gist of it is that the world has seen these ideas before. We’ve seen them in Stalin’s Russia, in Hitler’s Germany, in Mussolini’s Italy, in Pol Pot’s Vietnam, and as the author reminds us, in Mao’s China. We know what happens when governments grab this much power. We know where it ends. We know the staggering costs in lives and souls. We can’t claim ignorance when history stands as a testimony to the reality of the course of these ideas.

These ideas and the governments that implement them are worth of defeat and destruction.

US tied for 12th in most recent Economic Freedom Ratings

October 29, 2014

That’s a link to the article describing the way the metric was composed. If you only read the first chapter, I think you’ll find the article quite fascinating.

I would not be surprised at all to see that the US will continue to drop in the ratings as ObamaCare is more fully implemented and governmental debt continues to soar unchecked, our Federal government continues to operate without a budget, we entangle ourselves in military missions around the globe for nebulous goals.

I’ll just come out and say it. This sucks. It’s not the legacy I want to leave for my children. It needs to be curtailed and now.

Backlash against the 1033 program

October 28, 2014

Recently, in response to a local outcry over aggressive policing tactics, San Jose, California’s police department announced plans to return its MRAP, and the Los Angeles school system police department has agreed to return its three grenade launchers.

The name of the article is “Small-town America Rebels Against ‘Police State’ Arsenal: Citizens urge return of armored vehicle to Pentagon.”

I don’t much care for WND and I don’t remember why I got this article, but I did think it was a great article talking about the need for the community to be involved in the acquisition of these assets.

I can’t help but wonder if the Watauga PD would have their three machine guns and two HUMVEEs if the public had been asked about them. I tend to think not. I would certainly hope it wouldn’t be done by the Chief of Police and the Mayor colluding to get it done and not even tell the City Council as was done in Watauga.