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Working through National Citizen Survey for Watauga part 2

January 21, 2012

Community Design:  Transportation

Here’s the next example of the assumptions inherent in the survey.  The question includes the bias, so there’s really no way to refute it except to note the bias and the lack of options for an alternative.

On page 9, the first paragraph, this appears:  “The ability to move easily throughout a community can greatly affect the quality of life of residents by diminishing the time wasted in traffic congestion and by providing opportunities to travel quickly and safely by modes other than the automobile.  High quality options for resident mobility not only require local government to remove barriers to flow, but they require government programs and policies that create quality opportunities for all modes of travel.”

Look at the staggering level of assumptions in this.  How much demand for options other than automobile are there?  My wife and kids bike to their home school co-op.  Interestingly, the roadways work just fine for that.  ADA accessible handicap ramps work great for bikes on sidewalks.  Crosswalks work for bikes as well as people in cars or people walking for that matter.

There is a big move to get rid of automobiles among the leftist jerks in the world, but their agenda is not mine.  Automobiles bring a great deal of mobility to almost everyone.  Why the push for bikes? Why not any questions which might reveal a greater need for bike travel in Watauga?  Why is there an assumption that automobile, bike and pedestrian traffic are equal?  This kind of bias built into the survey is the kind of thing that makes me think that they should have paid us for the opportunity to participate in their brain-washing exercise.

I laughed out loud when I saw figure 10 which shows that 85% drive a motorized vehicle by themselves, 9% drove a motorized vehicle with others and 1% took public transportation (bus being the only one available – and I don’t even know that we have any bus routes in Watauga).  So, 95% ride cars.  Another 3% work at home.  Right at 98% are using the roadway system, why would we even be talking about bike and pedestrian paths?  Why are we spending money on sidewalks at all?

Perhaps if the city wants to improve the transportation for Watauga, they should cut taxes and actually encourage businesses to come here that can employ our population instead of having them drive out of town to earn a living.

How about the terrible assertion that local government is REQUIRED to “… remove barriers to flow…” and “…government programs and policies that create quality opportunities for all modes of travel.”  How’s that for a value judgement?

Have you ever purchased groceries and tried to get them home on a bike?  I have.  I’ll take a car over that any day.  Have you ever bought groceries and carried them home in those lame thin bags that cut your hands as you’re carrying a heavy load?  I have.  I’ll take a car anyday.  How about the government get out of the way of one of the greatest tools for mobility in the known world.  The automobile.

The infrastructure is already there.  Yes, it’s expensive to maintain, but it works well for everyone.

If alternate modes of transportation are so important, let the city lead the way.  Why don’t firemen start carrying backpacks of water?  How about getting rid of all of the police cars and having officers just bike everywhere?  Why doesn’t the government just butt out and let people enjoy the same level of freedom that the city does when deploying transportation assets?

I get so sick of this crap.  Where do the bike lanes come from?  Massive expansion of roads?  No. They are culled from drivable right of way for vehicles.  This is a zero-sum game.  Do these people think that all of the residents in Watauga want their roadways rebuilt so that they lose another three feet of their front lawn for a bike path?  How about just getting rid of all of the turn lanes and putting bike paths on the outside of the lanes?  So what if traffic gets slowed down in a whole lane while someone tries to avoid cars and slower moving bikes to make a turn.  It’s worth it if some environmental weenie gets to feel good about themselves right?

How about a dose of reality?  Please?

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