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Working through National Citizen Survey for Watauga part 10

January 22, 2012

Health and Wellness

“Healthy residents have the wherewithal to contribute to the economy as volunteers or employees and they do not present a burden in cost and time to others.  Although residents bear the primary responsibility for their good health, local government provides services that can foster that well being and that provide care when residents are ill.”

Here we go again.  “healthy residents…. Do not present a burden in cost and time to others.”  But the government only cares when it could be a burden to them.  They don’t care when they’re limiting your freedoms, taking your money, raising your children, dictating your home repairs or otherwise running your life.

Here’s another one: “Although residents bear the primary responsibility for their good health….” Oh, really?  Is there a secondary responsibility?  I think we’ve heard this song before.  Sure, of course, the government cares because….  Because they can.

I hope I’m not the only one that this just burns up.

So, now the government has taken upon itself the responsibility of secondary health care, ensuring “affordable food and preventive health care services.”  You’ve got to be kidding.

Even without Obamacare, anyone who’s cared to can see how the government handles health care.  Veteran’s Hospitals are not known for their levels of care and accommodation of their patients.  Healthcare services on Indian reservations are generally regarded as one of the last places to get care.  One of the few benefits to being in Texas if Obamacare goes through is that it’ll be close to the border, where doctors will move to be able to have cash-based practices and actually deliver patient care.

This would almost be funny if it weren’t real.  I was using a pencil to mark up my printout of this asinine waste of money.  On this page, I snapped the tip off when I was grinding it into the page in my outrage.  If this is what’s coming, there are going to be some real problems ahead.


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