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Working through National Citizen Survey for Watauga part 15

January 22, 2012

City of Watauga Employees

These numbers are pretty good.  I’ll not go into them.  Since I’ve been on city council, I’ve been treated very politely by everyone I talk to.  Notice how well that was qualified.


From Data to Action

“Knowing where to focus limited resources to improve residents’ opinions of local government requires information that targets the services that are most important to residents.  However, when residents are asked what services are most important, they rarely stray beyond core services – those directed to save lives and improve safety.”

This is from page 49 where the move to action part is.  From this paragraph, one might almost be able to see a “limited government” mentality available in the respondents.  However, the rest of the page breaks this down so that the reader won’t be left with the most obvious points.  I’ll not retype the rest of the page, but it’s probably worth reading for the level of redirection and reprioritization of their services that will actually measure what the respondent really cares about.

This is from the last paragraph on page 52: “Additionally, we have indicated (with the symbol o those services that neither are local nor national key drivers nor are they core services.  It is these services that could be considered first for resource reductions.”  Notice that was reductions, not eliminations.  What a joke.


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