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Working through National Citizen Survey for Watauga part 17

January 22, 2012


Having gone through the whole thing, I’d say it has been a waste of money except to reveal the motivations and ideology of ICMA.  I think I might have been able to guess that without the survey.  I really can’t see that this has delivered anything actionable at all.  I’m disappointed that this was such a high priority to the City Manager.


You have probably already gotten to the point where you would see that in my opinion, the survey results are meaningless.  There is no specificity where there needs to be.  There is no attempt to anchor these results to reality:  no cost/benefit analysis of services, no definition of terms, an assumption of big government, leftist principles, no attempt to present a limited government counter-option.  As a result, I hold the entire exercise in contempt and find the comparisons between meaningless results with no basis in reality to be also without any basis in reality.


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