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Working through National Citizen Survey for Watauga part 7

January 22, 2012

Environmental Sustainability

“Residents value the aesthetic qualities of their hometowns and appreciate features such as overall cleanliness and landscaping.  In addition, the appearance and smell or taste of the air and water do not go unnoticed.  These days, increasing attention is paid to proper treatment of the environment.  At the same time that they are attending to community appearance and cleanliness, cities, counties, states and the nation are going “Green”. These strengthening environmental concerns extend to trash haul, recycling, sewer services, the delivery of power and water and preservation of open spaces.  Treatment of the environment affects air and water quality and generally, how habitable and inviting a place appears.

Residents of the City of Watauga were asked to evaluate their local environment and the services provide to ensure its quality.”

This is one section that there might have been room for some happiness, though not, I am sure to the survey preparers.  19% of respondents never recycle.  !!Hoorah!!  6% only once or twice, 13% 3-12x.   So, the populace is somewhat resistant to the indoctrination of the mass media?  Now that could be cause for hope. 🙂  Of course, the downside is that 55% recycled regularly.

Another cause for hope from this section is that the services which are delivered by an outsourced entity (garbage collection, recycling, yard waste pickup, power utility) got the highest ratings of all services.  Interesting isn’t it?


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