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Significant lack of vision by City Council

May 3, 2012

Back in March, I had the opportunity to attend a TML training on the state of water in Texas.  The drought last summer was a warning shot across the bow for many communities.  After I attended that meeting, I made a presentation of the content and how it related to our city before the workshop on funding repairs to our water infrastructure.  I’ll post the slides to this blog as I think it is worth looking at.  Hey, let’s face it, you were forced to pay for it, you may as well get something out of it. J

Here’s what impressed me the most.  Our city is in a metroplex where our water supply is dependent on other cities.  Changing demographics will likely mean that our city water consumption will go up, rather than down.  As aging seniors are replaced by younger families, the number of water consumers will likely go up, not down.  More and more will be required of an aging infrastructure that has not been adequately maintained or improved.  More importantly, the kinds of fixes which will need to be put in place are going to be VERY expensive.  They are going to require a 20-30 year vision which is very clear and has a large amount of citizen support.  Instead of worrying about such things, our city council is worrying about trying to structure debt for a fix that will take care of a very small part of our infrastructure needs. 

I’m very disappointed by this lack of vision and lack of communication.  It is this kind of thing which leads me to have less and less confidence in the community and that our people have the resolve to get these things addressed in a meaningful way.

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