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Really? Oklahoma beat Texas? How pathetic!!

May 24, 2012

Open Carry that is.

I think I’ve mentioned on this blog that I used to live in Arizona, which has Open Carry.  It was rather a shock the first couple of times I saw people just carrying around pistols.  However, I quickly got over that and really came to appreciate this.

The last legislative session, there were efforts to get Texas to pass an Open Carry provision too.  Governor Perry said that if it passed, that he would veto it.   How despicable.  I just spent about 20 minutes trying to find where I had read that, but was unable to locate anything to actually back that up.

I do remember that one of the main reasons that he had said that he would veto it was because the Police Union (I don’t remember the actual name of the union and I don’t know if there are more than one in the state) claimed that it would endanger officers.  What a crock.  I wish I could find that article.

Here’s the last paragraph in the article from Yahoo!

“Businesses in Oklahoma may continue to ban firearms from their premises under the new law, which also prohibits the carrying of firearms on properties owned or leased by the city, state or federal government, at corrections facilities, in schools or college campuses, liquor stores and at sports arenas during sporting events.”

Although I’m largely in favor of the bill, I wonder why it is that a resident is to be denied the right to defend themselves in these locations?  Corrections facilities I can see.  But schools and college campuses?  I’d think that would the be first place that people, especially women should be carrying.  When my daughter goes to college, you can bet your butt she’ll be carrying a gun.  I also wonder why it is that one should not have the ability to defend one’s self on properties owned or leased by the city, state or federal government?  Trusting government at any level with a monopoly on force is a terrible idea.  If residents are prohibited from carrying there, then EVERYONE should be.  Liquor stores?  Sports arenas?  I’m sure I’ll be castigated for it, but I’ve never seen a drunk in a liquor store.  Usually people buy liquor while they’re sober and then leave to consume it.  Isn’t it against the law to sell alcohol to someone who is drunk? Sports arenas?  Is this because the legislature thinks fans from opposing teams will shoot it out in the stands?

Such exceptions are always interesting to me.

So much of these debates comes back to one’s view of God.  If there is a God, and He wrote the Bible, and in the Bible he called his people out of Egypt expressly “armed for battle”; if there are provisions in His law for killing someone else in self-defense; if there are examples of Jews rebuilding their city wall with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other; where does one get the mistaken notion that government would have the ability to take that God-given right to self-defense away?  I just don’t get it.  If it was good enough for God, it should be good enough for us.

However, if one believes that man is continually evolving and improving and that man is inherently good and kind and obeys the laws of society, then one may be willing to surrender one’s gun rights to keep everyone else from having one and then live at peace with everyone.

History has shown that when defenders are deprived of the ability to resist the efforts of aggressors to impose their will on the defender, the defender will always lose.  Aggressors can be not good and not kind and many are deterred when repelled by force from a defender.

Here’s another of my radical notions.  I think the Federal government and all of their agencies should be deprived of the use of firearms while in their official capacity.  They should be forced to work with State and Local government officials who may be armed.  I think that would be a great incentive for Feds to play nice.

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