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Is Government Evil?

June 13, 2012

I’ve struggled with this for quite a while.  Some time ago,[almost 7 months ago now] I wrote a blog post about the educational system and the opportunity cost that we’ll never even know what is because of the level of funding that already exists for the despicable government run education system.  As I considered that there might well be schools in every community run by churches or collaborative efforts between churches, I became enraged.  I became convicted that government is evil and as terrible as that was, it was made even more so when I realized that I am now part of the system, so where did that leave me?  In a place that I was not comfortable being to be sure.

I spent a great deal of time thinking and praying about that.  I didn’t get an answer until several days later, but the answer was quite interesting and refreshing.  I thought I’d share it with you as it has come to define my understanding of government.

To answer the question, I was lead to two of the most destructive forces on the face of the planet:  fire and water.  Both of these forces are harnessed in my home.  One heats my water, cooks my food and heats my home in the winter.  The other flushes away sewage, carries away dirt and grime from dishes and my body.  It would be impossible to live without either of these two forces in a modern world.

The biggest thing that makes these forces of destruction viable is that they are under control.  When they are not, for example, an over-flowing toilet or a washing machine running amuck, then they become a terrible plague and I gladly play to have the problem fixed or my home will be ruined.  I’m grateful to spend the money to return them to my control.

Government is the same way.  It is a very powerful and destructive force.  When it is properly under control, it can be a fabulous tool.  When it gets out of control, it is a terrible master.

I believe this is where we find ourselves today.  Government has been given far too much power and control and it is out of control.  Just as pipes and drains and gas lines control fire and water in a home, City Council representing an educated and involved populace should serve as a check on government.  These checks have failed.

Much like a flooded living room might provide an entertainment place for children to play and frolic, the damage done is vastly out of proportion to the enjoyment being had by the kids. The recent “Occupy” movements illustrate this vividly.  The unfettered growth of government is like a pipe leaking into a living room.  Now that the adults are tired of living in perpetual flooding, the kids are whining about their playground being demolished.

The analogy could go much farther than that, but I’ll not take it there.  I’ve got other things to write about.

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