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The No Compromise Foundation

June 17, 2012

One of the other concepts that seems to be missing from the WallBuilders work is recognition of a moral obligation to not continue to accept an immoral government.  If I were allowed to ask a question of the hosts, it would be this:  When do we get to exercise the Second Amendment option to end tyranny?  If millions of babies murdered in the womb for the sake of the convenience of the mother is not moral grounds, what would be?  If supporting an educational system that has a track record of almost 90% destruction of the faith of young Christians and foisting an amoral secularism on society which brought us the joys of Nazism and Communism, what would be sufficient grounds?  If the confiscation of 25% of my wealth, even far more than that from unfunded mandates, is not sufficient grounds for revolt, what will be?  If a civil war were to start tomorrow, would the hosts take a side and actually kill people to impose freedom and honor the worship of God as one’s conscience dictates?

While the content of their show is very interesting and historically challenging, I don’t get the impression that either one of them would ever be willing to take up arms to implement what they say they believe.

Interestingly, the willingness of our Founding Fathers to go to war to grant the freedoms from government that they were seeking, is exactly what gave them the ability to refuse to compromise and throw off the yoke of a tyrannical government and start again.  I don’t detect that same level of conviction in the hosts.  I get the impression that were they around at the time of the Revolutionary War, that they would have been in the crowd calling for compromise and more talks rather than someone that would have risked it all and thrown their life and property into the mix and signed the Declaration.

I hope I’m wrong about them.

[Interestingly, since I wrote this post, I sent them a question for answering on air.  I was told that they did answer it, though I’ve not taken the time to listen to it.  I’m trying to wait until I’ve got time to not just listen to it, but also to respond to it. ]

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