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Twilight’s Last Gleaming: How America’s Last Days Can Be Your Best Days by Robert Jeffress

June 21, 2012

A friend of mine who attends the church where this guy is the preacher, told me about this book and let me borrow his copy. I knocked it out in about 3 ½ hours. For the most part, I enjoyed it and it really wasn’t what I had been expecting. I thought there was going to be a lot more doom and gloom than there was in it.

The author goes into many reasons why he believes that the moral / spiritual infrastructure of our nation is being demolished and that there will be a coming collapse of our nation. I would not argue with this and I would propose that there is a mechanism for reform that has been promised to all those who have turned their back on God: repentance.

I do not accept that the demise of our nation is a fore-gone conclusion. I believe that with a country wide revival and return to Him, that God may yet use this nation for greatness in a world rapidly succumbing to the darkness of Islam. It may well be that another four years of Barak Hussein Obama will provide the impetus for that revival.

The brilliance of the book may well be his expose of the failings of modern church leadership with a whole chapter calling pastors to rise to the needs of the moment. His Pastor-centric belief that the church leadership will be able to salvage the modern moral collapse of this nation is a confidence that is sadly misplaced. If that were the case, I think we might already have been well down that road. The fact of the matter is that modern church leadership, just like the leadership of so many conservative efforts, has sold out those that it claims to represent (in this case, God) and is in it for themselves.

I think the revival of this nation spiritually will come when those warming pews are awakened to pick up the mantle of leadership for themselves. See Acts 4:13.

He then illustrates the great failing of our modern church leadership by revealing his own tragic failure to endorse Tom Leppard for State Senator. He’s afraid to endorse him publically from the pulpit as he might lose his tax-exempt status as a church. This is exactly the kind of failing that has been prohibiting modern church leadership from being relevant. If his tax-exempt status is more important than doing what God has called him to do, then he has no business being in the role he is.

At one point in the book, the author quotes someone else that a “preacher” is the lid of a congregation – that a congregation will never be better than their leadership. I’ll agree with him and hope that churches across the nation will come to a boil and throw off their “lids”, including the author.

There are other issues that I could take him to task for, but overall, I think it’s a decent book and a valiant effort by a believer with a faith that is found wanting by those standards that he would call us to. May God allow our mustard-seed sized-faith to grow into something that will change the world.

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