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My take on the City Manager – a link to the place in the video so that you can see it yourself

August 8, 2012

[It looks like this hasn’t worked.  All my previews of the post look terrible, so if you want to see it, go to the Council Meeting from July 23 and jump to 2 hours, 12 minutes, 03 seconds.

If this has worked right, the above will be the council meeting in July where we did the review of the City Manager.  It picks up at 2hours 12 minutes, 03 seconds and ends at 2 hours-25minutes-09 seconds, so if it doesn’t work out right, you can go there and skip to the segment where it is.

I think it’s helpful to know what your elected officials think about stuff like this.  Prior to the session, there was quite a bit of feedback from citizens which was quite interesting.  Some of the ideas that seemed like they were being put out by those giving commentary were so far removed from any sense of reality, I had to wonder where they were coming from.  I’m not sure where some of these people get their informaiton, but the source is obviously faulty.  I was told before the meeting that there was a rumor that the City Manager was going to be fired and probably a lot of the directors.  If there were such intentions, I’d certainly not heard them.  I published my review on Friday, after I had turned it in to the Mayor, so my opinions were out there for all to see.

I guess the one that was most interesting to me was the lady who spoke about how terrible the library would be if we just went to all volunteer staff.  As no one had, at any time, proposed such an idea, I was quite flumoxed about where the notion might have come from.

Anyway, as council meetings go, it was more interesting than most.

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