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“Need bigger penalties for computer breaches”

September 22, 2012

A representative from the Texas Police Chiefs Association, an organizational affiliate of TML, came with a laundry list of items that their representatives were going to be pressing for. His reasoning was that he wanted to the TML Legislative Committee to be aware of their requests and also that they get general TML support for their initiatives.

One of the items he brought forward was so repulsive to me that I was forced to comment on it. The representative stated that they needed larger penalties for computer breaches to help inhibit their occurrence.

I asked why they didn’t have their stuff secure enough that it wasn’t being breached. I hate this kind of sniveling incompetence. If their job is so important and the data they collect is so valuable, then they should protect it. That’s stuff like driver’s license records, police records of citations, and criminal records. That stuff had better be locked down. If it’s not, they they are unworthy of the trust placed in them and should be fired and replaced with people who will safeguard the information.

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