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State fees for a traffic ticket

September 24, 2012

On Page of 59 of the 2012 Legislative Policy Committee on General Government, there’s a very interesting breakdown of the fees charged by the State on a traffic ticket as collected by a municipal court. I’ll post them here because I think it’s outrageous and deplorable.


Crime Victim Compensation $15

Judicial/Court Personnel Training $2

Fugitive Apprehension Fund $5

Consolidated Court Costs $17

Juvenile Crime /Delinquency $.50 (Prairie View A&M)

Correction Management $.50 (Sam Houston State)

State Traffic Fine $30

Jury Pay $4

State Judges’ Salary $6

Indigent Defense $2

Total $82

These fines are paid to the State before a dollar gets to be taken by the Municipality.

Here’s a quote from the write-up by TML on another bill, but germane to the fees being discussed.

“City officials know that as the sate imposes more and more fees on municipal fines, the revenues generated for the city from the fines themselves will decrease. If a municipal judge normally imposes a total charge of $250 for a traffic conviction, each dollar that goes to the sate is a dollar that won’t go into the municipal coffers. And as the state share goes up, the local share goes down. Thus, contrary to what the H.B. 258 fiscal note says, it is most likely that the bill will reduce municipal revenue.”

Paragraph 2 on page 63.

You may have seen me give some push back to the $30 fee the city pays the state for maintaining some system that links to driver’s license renewals. This is a large part of the reason why. I’ll write that up more later though.

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