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Operation Texas Talks

October 4, 2012

This is discussed starting on page 41. The goal is to allocate $30 million for “public safety communications”. As ever, these are justified by “public safety”.

Here’s the section called “Consequences of Doing Nothing”.

“Citizen’s lives and property are at risk because emergency responders cannot communicate to coordinate the most efficient and effective delivery of emergency services

Emergency responders’ lives are at risk.

Loss of remaining federal funds due to inability to meet the cash-match requirements.”

There’s so much crap here, it’s disgusting.

This is the only item where I’ve seen that anyone has even pretended to care about “citizens lives or property”. They certainly don’t care about either of these when making their unabashed grabs for more of the same citizens’ money and time through legislation.

The second point discusses the risk to emergency responders, as though their lives are more important than everyone else’s. There is also no discussion or quantification of the $$/unit of risk. $1 million to offset the risk of something with a likelihood of 1 in a million is pretty ridiculous. Yet there is no attempt to quantify such risks as compared to the rewards from mitigation. Pathetic. Lame.

Number three shows where all the treasures are though. Our federal dollars are gone… Booo hooo hooo. These kinds of stupid programs that are not valuable enough to fund from “normal” sources shouldn’t be funded at all if they can’t prove the value.

Remember the old days when government and business would work side by side to make sure things got taken care of during emergencies? Now they don’t. Let’s get the government out of the business of emergency preparedness all together.

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