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“D-Block” legislation

October 6, 2012

Here’s another federal law that’s causing quite a stir. This bill carves out a bunch of spectrum for broad band in the 700mhz range. Instead of learning to use what they’ve got, the government wants to carve out a broad section of spectrum and dedicate it to emergency use. They can’t just play nicely with other users, they’ve got to have exclusive access to it all the time, JUST IN CASE.

This kind of mentality is sickening to me. Let the market place work and generate new devices and new technologies, just like modern business is forced to do.

However, the bigger complexities are that this program is like the ObamaCare disease in that it stipulates that programs exist that are nowhere near mature. If a state wants to take federal dollars, they have to play the way the feds want them to. The state is free to build a qualifying system, but they’ll have all of the R&D and implementation costs for themselves.

So, here’s how it’ll break down as I see it. Here’s yet another stupid program that the federal government is going to take our dollars for, give them back to us, but then tell us how to spend them. Here’s an alternative. Why doesn’t the state or better yet, the cities or counties, KEEP their own dollars and spend them as they see fit.

This is going to turn into another boondoggle with billions of dollars spent that won’t accomplish a thing but create federal jobs for people to brainstorm systems without the benefit of those with experience and practical knowledge. I wish I could be more optimistic about the program, but I’m fairly disappointed with the whole thing.

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