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Municipal Court Collection of State fees

October 10, 2012

This is a long section of the document, starting on page 54 and going through page 66. It’s well worth the read. I’ve already included the state fees for a traffic ticket. This goes into a lot more detail about the fees and how they’re collected and how the state has precedence when it comes time to collecting fees.

In the few cases where the city has parity with the state for collection of fees, it’s in these areas – see page 66, the third paragraph.

“There are five such city fees: a mandatory $3 local traffic fee; an optional $4 court technology fee; an optional $3 building security fee; an optional $5 child safety fee; and an optional $5 juvenile case manager fee.”

Guess how many of those “optional” fees Watauga has? If you guessed all of them, I’d understand why you would have, but in this case, you’d have been wrong. Watauga only has three of the four. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before the Council is asked to implement the fourth. Watauga does not have the $5 child safety fee (at least to the best of my knowledge.)

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