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Fine Increase

October 12, 2012

Here we go again. The City of Houston is asking for an increase in fines for municipal ordinance violations/Class C misdemeanors from $500/$2000 to $1000/$4000. Supposedly, this is because it’s been 24 years since the fines were set and the fees are just not enough to force residents to comply with the onerous, burdensome regulations.

Watauga did the same things for Code Enforcement fees right after I got elected. I hate this mentality. I hate that property rights have gotten so far down the drain that a person really doesn’t have any control over their property anymore.

I think most of the “government is god” group voted to support this. I didn’t make any notes about it, so I can’t tell you how it turned out. I’ll have to check the summary that I was sent, but I doubt I’ll do it before I schedule this to post.

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