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Texas Court Clerks Association Legislative Agenda

October 13, 2012

Wow, these people really know who butters their bread. If you think that’s the residents of the community, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s the State of Texas.

This one starts on page 69 and goes through page 74. It’s nothing but a bunch of whining about how tough it is to follow all of the laws and codes and bull crap that they have to keep track of. All this despite the free education paid for by those caught up in the legal system through entrapment of onerous codes and police state mentality that pervades our political system today.

Instead of being happy about having a job sucking on the public nipple, reveling in their Quisling status, they want things more streamlined so they don’t have to do so much work. They gleefully propose ending the .10 court cost or making it $1 instead, just to make it easier for them to manage – so what if the public gets a 10x gouging out of it.

I’ll list some of their requests for your perusal. It’s worth reading the whole thing as it can be quite comical, but I’ve been working on this for hours and I’m getting tired of typing.

1. Compliance dismissal uniformity.

2. Get rid of the $.10 court cost (even increasing it to $1 is better than $.10!)

3. Notification of fine/costs by electronic means.

4. Authorize collection fee be added to delinquent red light camera cases.

5. Give courts access to the state’s insurance database.

6. Clarify that juvenile detention qualifies for jail credit.

7. Eliminate the affidavit required for mandatory driving safety.

8. Allow defendants to “sign” court documents online by checking an “authentication” box.

9. Remove the requirement for the judgement amount to be included in a capias pro fine.

10. Increase special court fund costs

1. Increase Court Building Security fee from $3 to $5 or “up to $5”

2. Increase Court Technology fee from $4 to $5

11. Allow all parking cases to be civil offenses.

12. Increase court costs $1 for clerk and judge training (additional funding for TMCEC)

13. Allow municipal courts to charge defendant interpreter costs under certain circumstances

14. Clarify that collection fees and failure to appear fees (Omnibase) are to be included with other court costs and fees when authorizing deferred dispositions.

15. Concerning deferred dispositions for persons with commercial driver licenses.

16. All $20 dismissal fees for proof shown for offense of “fail to exhibit proof of financial responsibility”

17. Change class c theft from “under $50” to “under $250” (or possibly $100, $150, $200)

18. Require vendors providing driving safety courses to report class completions to a state database; maybe expand the insurance database.

19. Additional $1 court costs upon conviction.


See a pattern? Increase fees, give more power… Fairly disgusting.

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