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Texas Municipal Parks, Recreation and Tourism Assoc Legislative Agenda

October 19, 2012

This is another one of those things that just infuriates me.

First, snippet of the first item from their agenda.

“TMPRTA supports the full restoration of the sporting goods sales tax revenue to fund the State of Texas Local Park Grant Program that represents Texas local governments with an interest in creating local park opportunities that are essential for livable communities and tourism that lead to a healthier, more active population and a general improvement in the quality of life in the State of Texas.”

I’ve mentioned this before in a City Council meeting, but the State of Texas collects these fees, not just from the sporting good sales tax, but also from the red light cameras for trauma centers and then didn’t pay it out. If something is SO important that it must be funded by compulsory confiscation of wealth, then it’s so important that it should be paid out IMMEDIATELY upon receipt or at some point that would be determined, or the state should quit collecting the fees at the end of the calendar year.

I asked about how the state was able to do this. I can’t help but wonder if the state isn’t liable for something for failing to distribute these funds. A TML attorney told me that they didn’t think that there would be any standing for a city to be able to sue in Texas court. I wondered about at the Federal level, but the attorney didn’t feel qualified to speak to that. Disappointing really.

So, the State leaves the money in the fund, which allows them to pay off other pet projects and still show a balanced budget. Had they actually moved the money where it was supposed to have gone, they would have been forced to spend a lot more money on the things that they told the public that it would be used for and they wouldn’t have had a balanced budget. Surely this is fraud.

This is part of the reason that I was very glad that Rick Perry didn’t get the Republican endorsement. Not that Mitt Romney is a great choice (I’m still predicting that the Republican’s will manage to pull out a stunning defeat in November.), but this kind of “politics as usual” is what this nation and this state need to get rid of.

I’ll not even go into the Federal government operating without a budget for three or four years now.

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