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Ban on proprietary City Functions

October 24, 2012

“Cities occasionally engage in programs that appear to compete with private business. Some cities sell excess mulch to the public for example. Such actions occasionally give rise to some proposed legislation that would prohibit proprietary sales and activities on the grounds that it’s “unfair” for cities to compete in the marketplace.” It is unfair for the city to compete in the marketplace. It doesn’t just “appear” to compete with private businesses, it does.

Interestingly, the discussion does not talk about a video rental business being forced to compete with the library for video rental business, or a book store being forced to compete with the local library. This is seen as “compassionate” and “kind”.

So many principles of limited government have been cast aside for the sake of our elite to “feel good about themselves”. It’s quite disgusting.

One of the principles of limited government is that the government should not be involved in anything that can be provided by the free market. I really wish we’d get back there. If this principle were applied again, it would save the tax-payer a great deal of money, though cause our “bleeding heart liberal elites” quite a bit of heart-burn. Oh well. 🙂

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