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Occupy Unmasked – my review

November 2, 2012

My wife and I went to see this movie without the kids.  Good thing we did too.  I’m not sure what it was rated, but between the language and the adult content, I’d not recommend that the kiddos see it with you.

Last year, when I was at the TML Annual Conference in Houston, I had the opportunity to see some of the Occupy Houston crowd.  This is the only direct exposure to this type of group that I’ve ever had.  While I thought many of the people were poorly informed, they weren’t really obnoxious or terrible.  Maybe we just caught them on a good day.

I have seen some YouTube videos where some of the Muslim Brotherhood had been behind some of the Occupy movements in Florida.  I don’t even remember the name of the city now, but the collaboration between these two movements seems like a terrible thing for the future of our country.

I mention all of that to say that I thought I was pretty well informed about the whole “Occupy” movement stuff.  The movie was very eye-opening to me on many fronts. I wasn’t nearly as well informed as I thought I was.

I wasn’t aware of the level of organization behind these efforts or the violence and destruction that had been behind the movement.  This movie revealed a great deal of stuff I wasn’t aware of and almost wish I didn’t know of.

While I suspect you may not “enjoy” seeing this movie, I think you owe it to yourself to understand the forces behind the Occupy movement.  Here again, I’m not sure that this kind of movie would come to the $1.75 theater in North Richland Hills, but should it, I think you’ll be without an excuse to see this.  It’s worth seeing, even at regular theater prices, though if I could have seen it at the cheap theater, I would have preferred that.

Again, probably not a movie that will fill you with glee, but you really need to get the information.

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