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Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

November 9, 2012

YOU, dear reader, are the first line of defense for your property and your person.  In emergency situations like this, there are not enough police and fire people to do all that needs to be done.  If you’re not familiar with what it takes to have basic supplies available for you and your family, consider checking out the resources from the American Red Cross.

I have to give you these disclaimers though.  I’m not a big fan of the Red Cross.  I trained to do volunteer work with them until they told me that if I were to be deployed with them, that I’d not be allowed to take my firearm.  That was a deal killer for me.  You’ll not find any recommendations to own or use a firearm in defense of your person or property, so their material is always going to be lame in my opinion.  Maybe one day I’ll put out my own list.  For now, here’s a link to a PDF of a form that should get you thinking.

I’d recommend a good pistol and/or rifle too.  One of the things that people don’t ever seem to talk about is that critters of every sort will be out looking for new homes too.  While I’m sympathetic to their plight, I’d rather not share my home with rats or mice or snakes or any of the other wildlife that lives around suburbs too.  A pistol loaded with rat shot is a great tool to have available for such times.  A .22 rifle or pistol with some Super Colibri rounds would also be a fabulous tool.  Check this stuff out.  Fires from a primer, so it’s quiet!  !!SWEET!! This ammo is a TON of fun, even when there’s not a disaster.  Once you try it, I’ll bet you’ll never be without a box or 10 handy.  I wish they would sponsor me so I could get paid for recommending them.

Here’s a link to some of the rat shot rounds.  They’re pretty pricey on a cost per round basis, but I love having a couple of boxes of these laying around.

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you’ll know that I have more than a passing interest in stuff like disaster preparedness and recovery.  I was part of the CERT program from North Richland Hills about 2 years ago and thought it was a fabulous program.  I’ve tried to encourage the Watauga program, but I don’t think it’s ever gotten off the ground.  I’m told Watauga used to have quite a good program, but I understand that it died when the the Police and Fire were made seperate entities instead of the combined Department of Public Safety.

I’ll write some of this stuff up as it relates to Sandy because I think it’s good to know.  I may try to turn it into some blog posts over the next couple of weeks.  I hope it will be of some value to you.

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