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My email back to Asst CoP Parker

November 22, 2012

Deputy Chief Parker,
Thank you for taking the time to prepare this information.

Having read your report, I note that there is no indication that there have been fewer fatalities since these cameras were put in.  While I’m thrilled that it appears that there have been fewer accidents, I wonder why it is that the city and the State should be allowed to profit by millions of dollars when those that drive through these intersections are already covered by insurance?  Might these drivers not be better served by spending their own dollars on insurance with lower deductibles?

Speaking solely for myself, I do not see that these are a worthwhile investment of resources.  I have asked the City Attorney to delve into the process for removing these blights on our community.

I also wondered if you might be willing to inform the council why you believe that the city needs so many more of these cameras.   Frankly, I see no need for them and am appalled that the City is ripping off so many people for victimless crimes and worse, sending more money to the State of Texas with which they may continue to abrogate our rights as a community to run ourselves.

Thank you very much for your prompt response and your professionalism.  Your service is a credit to our community.

Russell Clements

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