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Forbes Article: Death Spiral States

December 11, 2012

I heard about this on the radio today.  The article is some weeks old now.  However, it reminded me of an article that Ann Coulter wrote a long time ago which posited a question about the possibility of states being bailed out by the Federal government and then being subsumed into the Federal government.  How can a state be “independent” if they owe the Federal government their livelihood?

The recommendations for one’s portfolio as it may relate to these states is fairly intriguing.  I can’t help but wonder if the business environment in these states will soon be moving to Texas or some other state. Fortunately, there is still enough freedom in the US, that we’re allowed to move, i.e. to vote with your feet.

You’ll have to watch the video to hear that the 11 states in the “Death Spiral” are New Mexico, Mississippi, California, Alabama, Maine, New York, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Hawaii, Ohio.  If someone had time on their hands, it might be interesting to see how these states have been voting.  I didn’t find a way to see the states that would have been on the opposite end of the spectrum, but I would have liked to have seen that information even more.

As the Community-Organizer in Chief occupying the White House has said, “Elections have consequences.”  Regrettably, this country, having abandoned Christianity and its principles, is voting without regard to consequences. As these chickens come home to roost, there’s going to be staggering prices to be paid, and the voters aren’t going to be paying those costs; it’s going to be their grand-kids or their great-grandchildren.  This inter-generational theft is a black mark on our national heritage.  Social Security is probably the best example of this.  My wealth is being stolen so that old people today can be retired, while I have no expectation of ever receiving a dime from this program.  Instead of our Senior Citizens calling for a repeal of this asinine wealth redistribution, we hear them calling for reforms or protections.

During the last budget cycle in Watauga, we saw the same principles in action.  I suggested amending the budget by ending the Senior Citizen Center and cutting back the Recreation Center so that we could pay for an assistant Public Works Director and a pay raise for the rest of the city employees.  None of the rest of Council were willing to do this.  Politically, it was easier to continue with the status quo than to take care of the real interests of the city.    This is the kind of thinking that has lead so many states to rank at the top of Forbes’ Death Spiral States.  As a city, we’re on the same road with a cap on senior citizens property rates, reduced water rates for seniors, special services for seniors like the Senior Center.  All of these are seeds of inter-generational discord.  I hate to see where these are headed, especially now that ObamaCare and Social Security provide death panels significant incentives for cutting short the health care for our older generation.

I hope that when the house of cards collapses, that I won’t be here.  I’d prefer to be able to say “I told you so” from a safe distance.

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