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Texas is the largest recipient of those moving out of California

December 12, 2012

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that my wife and I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for five years prior to moving back to Texas.  One of the fascinating things that we observed there was the lunatics that implemented their taxes and regulations and destroyed the state of California often moved to Arizona.  Once they got to Arizona, the first thing they did was try to get the same kind of government programs that had forced them to leave California.

I commented yesterday on an article about “Death Spiral States” and mentioned that people could vote with their feet.  It’s not surprising to see that many Californian’s chose Texas to move to.  Freedom seems to be something that they appreciate at some base level, but having once tasted it, they gladly sacrifice it for some government assistance.

The vindictive jackass in me thinks they should be forced to stay there and ride the train down to it’s fiery demise and contain the contagion of big government mentality to a single state.  As their unions and public sector growth and handouts come to overwhelm the budget, they should be forced to pick up the tab for the evils which they have perpetrated on those who remain in the state and can’t move.  Maybe a lifetime earnings tax for the State?

While I was in California after bootcamp in the Marines, the town that we used to go to on Friday evenings closed their library and turned off the street lights because of budget cuts.  More recently, there’s been bankruptcy’s by cities which, having regulated businesses out of their city, then failed to raise the revenue to pay for the services which residents consumed.  Even though Texas didn’t make the “Death Spiral States” we’ve got a lot of problems of our own.

I get to hear about some of the worst of California’s fiscal ailments since I have a good friend that lives in Los Angeles.  It is sometimes amazing to me that they remain solvent at all.

The more I learn about the way our State handles the budget and the gimics and lies that they used to get a balanced budget, the more convinced I am that it’s just a matter of time before our state will be on the list too.  I expect there’s a brutal dose of reality heading our way.  I wonder if the implementation of ObamaCare won’t push us over the edge.

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  1. December 12, 2012 10:26 am

    Shouldn’t we require passports or something! How about making them take a Texas citizenship test! I mean really! They messed up their state with all their liberal ideas and now their coming here to mess up our state!

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