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Naming the Water Tower

December 22, 2012

I mentioned on Monday night that, in general, I’m against the naming of buildings for people.   I mentioned then that I was actually torn on this issue.  I’m confident that Director Reagan has done a good job for the City of Watauga.  I have come to admire him and his work.  He and the team there in Public Works seem to have done a great job taking care of our water supply with the funds they have been allocated by City Council.

If you were at the meeting on Monday, or watching it after the fact or even streaming.  I applauded at the passing of the naming thing.  This was one of the few things I can think of where, even though I got outvoted, I was still pleased that Director Reagan had been honored this way and that I got to vote my conscience.

I was also very impressed with Councilman Steele’s suggestion that the tower might be named after the Army Specialist from Watauga that had been killed in Afghanistan.  It’s interesting that so many ideas can come out when given the opportunity.  I see this as the real value of having a Council.  It’s not that everything they do is right or best, but that there should be a free exchange of ideas so that the community is able to leverage the experience and talents of these men to the benefit of us all.

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