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Massage entities pay their protection money…

December 24, 2012

Items 2,3 and 4 on the consent agenda were approval of massage establishment for Hightower Salons, Beauty Brands Salon and Javintee Massage.

Every year, massage businesses have to pay $250 to have their business “reauthorized” by the City of Watauga.  I’ve seen these and been pretty amazed that these businesses are treated this way.  Pay $250 and submit to a background check of all of your employees.  I’m sure some will say that this is necessary because these businesses are exceptionally prone to abuse.

Hmmmm.  Who gets to decide that?  I wonder if computer businesses will someday have to submit to such treatment.  To follow this logic, might a computer business not be supporting child pornography?  How can we protect society if we don’t check?

This kind of ideology is a slippery slope.  What are the criteria for an acceptable business?  Why would the government get to choose?  Why should these businesses submit to this intrusion?  This is a disturbing trend to me.

It reminds me very much of the anti-gun backlash after the Connecticut shooting.  Guns are demonized because they’re an object that liberty-eschewing whacko’s have chosen to hate.  They gladly abandon your right to self-defense because they’re willing to trust the government with a monopoly of force while forcing taxpayers to pay for the militarization of our police.  This is despicable.  It’s terrible that so many people have been willing to trust government with this kind of power.  This power should not be held by anyone.  The market does a poor job of handling this in general, but the government can not do any better.  The best hope is a moral society using the power of the purse to reward businesses that provide valuable services and deprive funds from those that encourage depravity.

Frankly, society has done a very poor job of this.  Even so, the crappy job that society has done is preferable to the lame, pathetic job that government does.

What is your business?  Isn’t there some way it could be used for evil?  Why would there be any reason the government couldn’t regulate your business?

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