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STEP Raises for Police and Fire

December 29, 2012

It appears that one of the next big issues to face the Council is going to be STEP raises.  There’s a lot of variables in this.  As I understand it, the main justification is for recruiting and retention.

How about all the rest of the City Employees?  Should they get raises too?  How does it get funded?  How to deal with the long-term consequences of the increased base salary.  How will this impact future taxes?

What does it say about the loyalties of our Police Department if they think the only way they can get people to do their jobs is with more money?  Mercenaries?

Here’s where things get dicey.  We’ve got the library holding Saturday hours hostage for more employees and more budget.  Police say they can’t provide the service that people have come to expect unless they get more money.

What’s a tax payer supposed to do?  Property tax revenue continues to decline.  Sales tax revenue continues to grow.  Just throw more money at it?  How long can that last?  How much is enough?  What will the upper limit be?  Can there be one?  What if Council’s limit is higher than the taxpayer’s limit?  What about the State of Texas?  What will their limit be?  How much money will our Federal government be willing to borrow from future generations so that we can enjoy the levels of service that we’ve come to enjoy?  When will there be a moral obligation to throw off the shackles of “levels of services we’ve come to enjoy”?

As our Federal incompetents continue to battle over the fake fiscal cliff and raise taxes, how long will it be before it’s impossible for anyone to justify loaning this country any more money?  How much will the price of gold go to, an index which is tied only to the level of lack of confidence by the American people (actually, people of the world)  in their governments to actually do something intelligent and show some self-control?

Frankly, I don’t see that this Council has the intestinal fortitude to handle the levels of reality that are facing it.  I don’t see that level of leadership anywhere.  The only leadership I do see is the same kind that Hitler inflicted on his people, or Stalin on his or Pol Pot on his.   As the ideological polarity of this nation increases, can there be any hope for the United States of America as described by the Constitution?  Where will that leave those of us who have sworn oaths to protect that Constitution?  I’m afraid I just don’t see much hope for this once great, G0d-fearing nation to survive.

It’s not about raises.  It’s about everything.  May God help this nation.  May God help this Council.

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