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TML – Certified Municipal Official

January 1, 2013

TML has a branch of services that they offer called TML Institute.  There are several levels of awards that are available.  Last year, I earned enough to get the Certificate of Recognition.  However, there was a glitch in the credits system, so the credits from the Annual Conference weren’t awarded in time to be considered for the awards.  Kind of a bummer, because I put a lot of work into those events and blogging about the classes I went to.  Oh well.

The page for more information about these award levels is here:

Here’s the write-up for Certified Municipal Official.

Certified Municipal Official – An elected official who completes 72 or more CEUs in one calendar year will obtain the designation of certified municipal official. The 72 CEUs must include two hours of open government training (one hour of training on the Open Meetings Act and one hour of training on the Public Information Act). This training is required by the State of Texas, and proof of training must be provided in the manner of a certificate or other documentation.”

This is program is an interesting function of TML.  While the formality of the program is fairly easy to work with, it does require a lot of flexibility of time and travel.  Most of the training opportunities are in Austin.  The City picks up mileage and a hotel room, but it still means one’s employer must be flexible enough to allow the days off.  Fortunately, mine has been quite flexible.

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