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I did it! I finished enough credits for the CMO

January 2, 2013

I had to redo my PIA and OMA training and get some online classes, but as I was so close, I wanted to get it done.  I think I’ll get the award in Austin in February.  Should be a fun time.

If I choose to run for office again, I’d like to continue to maintain the certification.  The education has been fascinating and has helped in a lot of ways to appreciate what “the other side” is thinking.  I haven’t been swayed yet.  In fact, the more I understand about the “government is God” crowd, the easier it is to see their failings.

I spent some of my vacation time finishing the online classes.  Most are pretty interesting and well worth the time.  Turns out leadership isn’t really that different from discipline to discipline.  Regrettably, the “Government is God” crowd misunderstand the leadership role and inhibit the market from working.

If there is one aspect of training that is seriously missing from TML training, it is understanding that just because something can be regulated, doesn’t mean that it should.  I have yet to see any of these classes that talk about the political context of the ideology that they perpetuate.

There is no discussion of the transfer of power in historical empires from the people to the government and how those work out.  There is no discussion of the market forces that come to bear when a government is in debt more than it’s GDP.  There is no discussion of fiat currency and the universal failure that it represents.  For all of the education that could be taking place, there is very little “big picture” training.  It’s the Achilles heel of the “government is God” crowd.  There are thousands of years of recorded history that show how these things work out.  They’re too busy paving the road to hell with good intentions to learn the lessons of the past.

So, even though I’ve managed to attain the Certified Municipal Official designation, don’t think that I’ve fallen for the same old story.  I hope it has allowed me to further refine my skills and have a better view of the travesty that we’re being taken to.

May God bless you and yours in this new year.

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