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Votes of “No Confidence”

January 7, 2013

After discussing the shortage of ammo at Walmart some days ago and then how the government takes a resource that should open transportation up, but seems to do as much to limit the flow of traffic on those roads, I thought I’d comment briefly on the votes of “no confidence” that are happening around us.

The first one would be the shortage of ammo.  Does a populace which expects tranquility and peace go purchase every box of ammo in popular calibers from local retailers?  I think not.  “Normal” people have less and less confidence in the government to handle things like “regulation of freedom”.

At a different local retailer, one which respects freedom enough to sell firearms, I was almost shocked to see that walls which once carried hundreds of rifles were reduced to handfuls.  Again, it begs the question:  Does a populace which expects tranquility and peace go purchase every rifle in stock at local retailers?  I think not.

Do investors with great confidence in the government’s ability to handle money, debt and other fiscal matters flock to gold, driving the price to almost $2000 per ounce?  I think not.

These are just some of the votes of “no confidence” that are going on in the marketplace around us.  I expect that there are many more, but I’m not informed enough to know.

I suspect that if there were an index or something which tracked the amount of money that people bought on canned goods or long term storage or camping gear or something, that there’s been a lot of wealth transferred into these purchases because of a lack of confidence in our government’s ability to manage the country.

How about you?  Have you come to regret the amount of control you’ve trusted the government with?  As a City Council member, I’ll tell you that I’m uncomfortable with the amount of control Austin has over our City.  I’m quite disturbed by not only that, but that the rest of Council doesn’t seem like they care about it at all.

Having just had a vote where our City Manager had 4 of 7 City Council members state that they had no confidence in him, I’d say that there’s a lot of the “no confidence” sentiment going around.

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