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Open Government versus “Right to carry”

January 9, 2013

I’ve been hearing about this.  I’ve yet to hear the right answer on how to deal with this, so I thought I’d publish it myself.

Here it is:  “True 2nd Amendment carry”.  No permits, no authorizations.  The 2nd Amendment provides for the freedom to possess arms to defend ones self from tyranny.  That means they MUST be on the person of the one who wishes to be free from tyranny.  Of course the bleeding heart whiners will counter that there may be shootings by deranged whackos like the one in Connecticut.  Part of one’s civic duty should be to carry so that they are the check against such abuses.

This solves both real issues.  Who has the right to carry? Anyone.  Should government documents be pubic.  Absolutely.

Freedom.  It doesn’t need to complex.  🙂

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