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Dallas church doing a “gun buy-back”

January 16, 2013

As you might guess, I think this is a stupid idea on many fronts.

Here are some “pro’s”.

  1. It’s their own money.  !!Hoorah!!  At least they’re not stealing it from me and then using it to implement their political agenda, unlike the government versions of these programs.
  2. It’s voluntary.  Those surrendering their firearms for this little money obviously lack the intelligence to appreciate the tools, and as such, are probably better off with the cash.
  3. It presents an opportunity for someone else to go down with cash and stand across the street and make better offers.  I wish I had some more cash, as I’d love to be picking up some firearms for these prices.

Here are some “con’s”

  1. “buy back”?  What does that mean? Did the church sell the firearms to them to start with?  There’s an ideological failing here.
  2. Those firearms, with some appropriate training, might be able to save lives or prevent harm to their owners.  I think their efforts would be better spent organizing such training rather than eliminating the option for armed self defense.
  3. It reveals fundamental flaws in their understanding of who God is.  There are explicit exemptions for self-defense in the law as given to Moses.  It would be nice to think that the Dallas church,  purporting to represent God’s interests here on Earth, might have taken the time to read His book.
  4. It reveals a staggering lack of comprehension of history and reality.  I’ll simply mention the Jews who were able to resist being taken to death camps, sometimes with a single pistol because the Nazi’s didn’t want to take the risk of being shot.

It would be really cool if I had the time and energy to start a charity that would go and offer $10 more than the cops or misguided church and purchase these firearms and then get them into the hands of people that would use them.

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