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Most of the rest of the agenda from Monday’s meeting

January 25, 2013

I haven’t gone back and watched this part to get the times, so I’ll just hammer these out.

15.  Contract for Johnnie Reagan.  I was glad this got passed.  I think he brings a lot to the table and even at $100/hour, I think that’s a lot of value for the money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    16.  Traffic study for Durham Farms Subdivision – $4,880.  Much pushback on this.  If we spend 5K on this, would there be any limit to the number of other subdivisions that would want one done?  This area has a Home Owner’s Association and I suggested that if they were to pay for part of the cost of the survey, that I’d be willing to reconsider.  I wanted to see that they had some skin in the game.   Take No Action passed.
17.  Approval of increase to Recruit pay from $15/hour to $44K.  Passed.
18.  Reinstating step raises for Civil Service.  I moved that we take no action until we could get a workshop to determine where the money could come from.  It got voted down.  There was then quite a long discussion, including approving it and then finding the money later.  This was proposed and voted down.  It ended when there was another motion made to take no action until a workshop could be held.  A meeting for this had been scheduled, but then it was cancelled.  I’ll post something when I hear more.
I want to save the last one for the next blog post as I’m pretty excited about it.  🙂

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