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Mayor Jefferies has chosen to resign

January 30, 2013

I suspect that by now, you’ve likely already heard about this.

His letter of resignation cited health reasons.  I hope that Mr. Jeffries will have a very pleasant rest of his retirement.

In general, Mayor Jeffries was courteous and professional to me.  The few exceptions were fairly egregious, but I have no desire to disparage the man on his way out.

In November, Mayor Jeffries caused some stir with the Mayoral veto.  Mayor Jeffries vetoed a request to reorder items on the agenda.  He took some heat for it from the Council.  I also had heard it said that had the Council voted to dismiss the City Manager, that the Mayor had threatened to veto the action.

I’ve heard some say that the Mayors use of this veto was some kind of political stupidity, but I wanted to share with you an alternate opinion.  I thought he was quite brave to be willing to do that.  It’s a legitimate power associated with the position of Mayor.  I think he had an obligation to the residents to step in and stop the action if he really believed that it was against the best interests of the City.  In discussing the situation with a friend, I had made a prediction that the Mayor didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to do it.  I was very interested to see that I was wrong.

Mr. Jeffries, if you happen to read this, I wish you well.  Thank you for having proven me wrong.  I’m glad to see that your leadership was manifested admirably during this last period of your tenure.

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