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Police Officer at Fort Worth Gun Show – “Read the law”

March 11, 2013

I guess it’s been over a year ago that I went to a Gun Show in Fort Worth.  I checked my gun (I have a concealed carry license).  I had unloaded it on the way in.  When I got to the check in, the officer checked my weapon and put a strap on it to inhibit the slide from closing.  I still had the magazine in my pocket and he asked me if it was loaded.  I told him it was.  My intention was to make the ready weapon as soon as I was out of the show so that if I bought another gun, I’d have the means to retain it should some other punk decide that he wanted to take it from me by force.

The officer was quite a jackass when he told me I wasn’t allowed to do that.  He told me I should go read the law and follow it.  I refrained from comment, but I asked him how stupid the law was when within feet of the table where he sat, I could buy a replacement magazine and ammo and duplicate the setup within a minute.  He told me he didn’t care and said again that I should read the law.  I informed him again, that the law was stupid. Apparently, he didn’t care.

I took my weapon and went home.  I decided that I will only buy firearms and related supplies from places that will allow me to be armed while on their premises and armed while I carry out my guns or gun related supplies.  I’ve never been back.

I’ve spent a LOT of money (by my standards anyway) buying firearms related stuff from places like Cabela’s or Cheaper Than Dirt where I can carry my handgun with me. I appreciate a business that respects me and my safety enough to allow me to carry.  I cannot say the same for any gun show.

As citizens, we put up with way too much of this stupidity.  As a consumer, why would I willingly support a business entity that deprives me of the very rights I seek to support by my purchases?  As residents, why do we tolerate this stupid notion that a police officer would be capable of protecting the public if some deranged lunatic were to go on a shooting spree at a gun show and start taking people out?  I should be willing to wait for an officer to show up and shoot the deranged lunatic when I would have a gun right there and could take care of the same thing?  Why do we put up with this stupidity?  Why do representatives of the people, like City Council members, tolerate this level of insanity and support it with tax dollars?

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  1. March 14, 2013 11:53 am

    Must have been at the LoneStar show! They hire the stupidest officers!

    • March 18, 2013 1:45 am

      Thank you for your comment. As it has been well over a year since the incident occurred, I can’t really say which show it was, because I don’t remember. I’ve just given up on all of them. I can usually find the same items locally so there’s not a big benefit to me paying the admission fee and choosing to give up my right to self-defense. I wish these shows would change their venue so that they could have more participants. I’d prefer to see them on private property and a requirement for every able-bodied person to have a firearm on their person. I could get into that. 🙂

      Thank you again for your comment. I hope I may look forward to more from you.

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