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Putting the Cart before the Horse

March 16, 2013

This idea that officer safety is paramount is something that is so disgusting, so anti-American, so fascist at its core that just typing the words makes me physically sick.  An officer is NOT more important than the community he purports to serve.

I hear you asking the questions:  Why does this matter?  Why are you so adamant about this?

Great questions, thank you for asking. 🙂

Recently, as more and more states have begun to return to some basic tenants of freedom, like open-carry of firearms (the same privilege we entrust to officers), one of the biggest opponents of such freedoms is police unions.  These entities argue that officers lives are more at risk if the public is openly armed.  They argue that we must safeguard these public servants and that they are more important than us plebes, they are safer with firearms than us plebes and we plebes should not be in a position to resist them at all. I think any officer that would join an organization which advocates against the right of the public to be armed should be immediately removed from their post for being unworthy of public trust.

Frankly, while I would support an officers freedom to join such a union, I’d also be willing to instantly fire them on the spot for being willing to support with their income a group so out of whack as that.  Just as I would argue that a Communist or Socialist could not be a good police officer, I’d argue that any police person who is a member of a police union is unfit for duty as a police officer.  Of course, we don’t have the ability to specify such a standard because we have Civil Service.

When I had my meeting with Chief Cannaday on Wednesday, (over a year ago) he said that our Police Officers are not part of a union.  Of course, with Civil Service, they have most, if not all, of the protections of a union, but I hope we’ll be getting rid of that shortly.  And that will be the topic for several more blog posts later on.

I’ve stated before that I’ve lived in Arizona where open-carry was legal.  It took a while to get used to people carrying openly, but after doing so, it was a great feeling.  I loved seeing people exercise their rights to defend their person and their property and even their neighbor.  I loved knowing that at any given time, there could be hundreds of persons able to respond with lethal force if some jackass chose to rob someone.  Not just that, but it didn’t cost me (as a tax-payer) a dime!  I’d gladly trust these “bubbas”, these “plebes”, these “hill-billys”, these “gun fanatics” with such power, because they’ve got a great track record.  Not just that, but freedom is its own cure to the fanatics.  Mohamed Wackjob wants to go on a shooting spree, abusing the intent of open carry?  Guess what? he’ll get a whole lot of feedback from the gun carrying public.  With freedom, abuses are curtailed.

If I were asked if I would support open-carry, I would say YES.  Without any reservations.  If it were the case that open-carry could only be implemented at the cost in lives of every law enforcement agent of any branch of government in the state of Texas; I’d still be for it.

Why?  Great question! Thank you for asking.

Because the public at large has as much right to defend their lives as a police officer does.  In fact, more so.  The reason we have police is to protect the community, not protect police.

The whole point of the Second Amendment is to protect the people FROM THE GOVERNMENT! This includes the Police. It’s time to get the Police back in perspective.  They serve the community, but if they’re not there, it’s still the property owner or the person’s right to defend themselves.  As such, people need the arms to do so, regardless of the risk to law enforcement.

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