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Recompense to Victim

March 19, 2013

Here’s some other stuff about our Judicial system that just infuriates me.  When penalties such as fines are assessed to a “law breaker” the government keeps those fines.  If some punk chucks a brick through my window and is arrested for the property damage, if the punk is assessed a fine, the government keeps that fine.  Me?  I’m still out the cost of the window.  This system is repulsive and has completely lost track of the whole point of the system.  The point of the system should be to recompense the victim for the lost value of his property.  Instead, the government enriches themselves at the expense of the community and the victimized tax-payer.  One might say that the victimized tax-payer has been doubly victimized:  once by the perpetrator and again by the system that is supposed to be protecting him.

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