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No preference for Spanish speaking officers

March 26, 2013

Another of my reasons for despising Chapter 143 (Civil Service) for our Police and Fire Departments is that it forbids having hiring criteria which would allow our community to reward candidates which speak Spanish.

Our new assistant Chief of Police mentioned that there are financial incentives for Officers which are bilingual (not exclusively Spanish, but any other language).  While there is certainly merit in this idea, it could be nowhere near as effective as being able to incentivize candidates that are already bilingual and prioritize them in the hiring process. That Civil Service would stand in the way of the community to be able to hire candidates according to standards which reflect the values of the community is reprehensible. While being bilingual is an admirable skill, it’s particularly valuable to a community if it matches the languages spoken by those that live there.

Yet again, our Police Department would rather protect themselves than allow for a hiring system that would allow the community to decide for itself what they want their police department to look like.  It strikes me that this shows a striking disregard for the community that our officers purport to serve.  It looks like they serve no one but themselves.  Why can’t we not fire these people who think they are more important than the community and outsource this functionality to Tarrant County?

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