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Ending Civil Service

March 31, 2013

The more I’ve found out about this whole thing, the more I think it stinks to high heaven.  The petition to get the issue on the ballot is only 10% of the voters that voted in the last municipal elections.  In our case, it was around 50, if that many.

Just for fun, guess what the standard is to get it on the ballot after it’s been in place for a year?  Go on, just guess, I’ll never know if you were right or not.  🙂

Here’s the right answer:  10% of the eligible voters in the municipality.

Ok, go back and read that again if you need to.  In the first case, to get it on the ballot takes 10% of the voters that voted (around 500 in most recent municipal elections) but to get the garbage out of the city takes a petition with 10% of eligible voters.  Hmmm.

So, how does that play out in the real world?  Watauga has about 17,000 voters, only about 12,000 could be eligible voters based on age (must be at least 18) or whether or not they are a felon (felons can’t vote).  That means, to get the issue on the ballot would take about 1,200 signatures, or more than three times the number of people that have voted in a municipal election.

Does that seem fair to you?  Does it seem like it’s loaded for failure?  I’m going to say that any State Legislator who would vote for a bill where it takes such a small initiative to get it on the ballot and then such a gargantuan one to get it off, should be immediately removed from government and forever banned from running for office.  May God curse every one of them. While I can think of reasons where such tactics might be used well (something with some moral basis for example), this would not fall into that category.

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