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Watauga Candidate Forum – James Wright place 4

May 6, 2013

No one’s running against James.  I was quite disappointed by this.  So many candidates and no one wanted to run against James.  Pathetic.  I’ve already vented my spleen about that so I’ll not burden you further with my opinions about that.

Councilman Wright has done a fabulous job of voting for bigger government every chance that he’s gotten.  When the previous City Manager proposed the highest tax increase allowed by law, James was right there with him.  “It’s only $26.  One night out to eat with your family.  I think people can afford that.”  Thanks Wright, but I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong.  Why not curb the out of control spending and frivolous stupidity first before forcing more money out of my wallet.

James was also the one who said that we were elected to “… impose our vision…” on the Community.  While there are some aspects of Mr. Wright’s tenure that I can appreciate, I can say that he’s no “limited government” stalwart.  What is a voter to do?

Speaking for myself, I’ll not be votin

He wasn’t able to make the Forum, but would it have mattered?  Frankly, if I were running unopposed, I doubt I would have shown up either.

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