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Watauga Candidate Forum – Mayoral candidate Hector Garcia

May 6, 2013

Hector Garcia

I didn’t receive the questions, so everything is from my heart. 44 years. 50 years with wife. 2 children

What makes you a good candiate?  Have been mayor from 95-2002. We built the city as it is now. Bought water system, built 2 major parks, water tower, 3 shopping malls. Belong to civic groups.

How to foster Better communications with staff? these people have their own families. Should treat staff as family. Working as a family is how he would handle things.

What is your comprehesion of what the mayor does? Rules to follow. Coauthor of charter. 15 people worked for 8 months. “keep moving forward to get to the future” We should include our citizens in the city.

Why are you the most qualified candidate for the mayor?  Need to know background. Served as myor 7 years, president of union there (lockheed?) degree in aviation technology. Main task is planning. I’ve got a good background in planning. Experience working with businesses. We need to keep working on the businesses in .

Closing remarks: thank you for being here. Budget of 39 million. 11 of capital projects. 71% from residential. 18 business. AAA bond rating. We can pay the money we owe. 39 million in debt.

Hector was very proud of his previous service as Mayor.  He must have mentioned it 1o times.  Probably the single biggest reservation I had was that Staff should be treated like family.  No, they should not.  They should be treated as employees with a job to do and standards of accountability to justify the pay and benefits that they consume from my tax dollars.

His union service didn’t impress me at all.  I have little regard for unions in general, but that he would be part of one and take a leadership role in it is quite repulsive to me.

I heard enough from Mr. Garcia that I am very comfortable giving my vote to Bob Daniel.

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