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Watauga Candidate forum – McCauly, running for Place 5

May 6, 2013

Moderator: Where do you want to see the City in 5 years?

McCauley: not in debt, property values going up , need to take an active role in beautification, get residents to step up to do things, support a food pantry.

[My comment. This lady is a rock. I’m highly confident this woman doesn’t have what it takes to get this City out of debt. With one side of her mouth she says get out of debt and then that the City need to be more beautiful. Hmmm. Who would pay for that? Who would set the standard for that? I wondered what she would do to play an active role in property values going up? Would she get on her magic broom and wave her wand and improve property values? This woman is a pathetic hack. She has no business being in politics or any position of public trust at all.]

Closing statement:

McCauley: Vote – vote for me. Very important stuff on the ballot for schools last time. I’m a team player. I believe in cooperation.

The rest are my comments:

I don’t remember when she was talking about it but she also mentioned that a vote for her would be a vote for “diversity – which the Council needed”. I wondered what she was talking about. There’s plenty of diversity on Council. If she means the presence of a woman, then I’d say vote for Jo Lynn Haussman who will get you a two-fer since she’s a woman and a Conservative.

I was fairly disappointed that the Candidate Forum didn’t have any opportunity to ask questions. I’d dearly have loved to ask her why she chose to lie about EVERY single one of the inititives brought forward while she was on the Charter Review Commission and she told the City Council that we MUST vote for these items to align the City Charter with changes in State Law which had been made since the Charter had been adopted. Councilman Steele then asked our City Attorney to delineate which of the proposed changes were being done so to bring the City in compliance with State law. The City Attorney then went through item by item until he had detailed that none of the items needed to be changed to comply with State Law. Lying bitch.

Had she stopped there, it might not have been so bad, but she persisted. She then told the Council that the changes, as they related to the City Manager were minor and inconsequential and that we had no reason not to approve them. However, even a cursory examination showed that most authority was being transferred from the Council to the City Manager. When she had been asked about it during a previous Charter Review session, her justification was that the City Manager is “a professional”. What a hack. If you are dumb enough to vote for a principleless individual like this, you deserve what you get.  that’s the link to the recorded session of the joint meeting of the City Council and the Charter Review Commission.  I don’t think it was very long, though the amount of crap that you’ll have to wade through can get pretty deep at times.  Don’t take my word for Ms. Dumbass, go watch it yourself.

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