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Meeting with new City Manager last week

May 19, 2013

Mr. Vick was kind enough to fit me into his schedule with only about 30 minutes notice after an opportunity came up that I was able to meet with him.  I appreciated his flexibility.

You may have already guessed that I am pretty pleased with the new City Manager as I helped to get him into the position, being one of the seven votes making is appointment unanimous.  As I spoke with him, I was reminded of why the Council had been willing to select such an individual as he is, with over 20 years of service in municipal government.

I understand he’s already reached out to the newly elected Mayor and is working to put together orientation materials for the new Council members.  I think this update is a great idea and I’m glad they’ll be getting rid of the material that Mayor Jeffries did.  While the content of his was ok, the production of it was terrible, the sound dropped in and out and the whole thing was just brutal to sit through.  In fact, it was because of this very poorly executed training DVD that I was willing to vote for the $50,000 to get the AV system updated.  I think it’s been a worth while investment and I’m very glad it was done.  

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’ve got some interest in how the City is run.  I recommend that you take the time to contact our new City Manager and go talk to him.  I expect you’ll be glad you did.

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