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Boy Scouts Cave

May 30, 2013

Many years ago, when I was in the Marine Reserve, I was a leader in Scout Team 555 in Lubbock TX.  It was one of the best learning experiences of my life (and I say that having just gone through 6 months of training to be able to serve as a Marine).  I met a lot of great people and some great kids.  I had a wonderful time caving and hiking with them.  I had a lot of respect for the people that ran that local outfit.  In the years since, I’d have to say that I’ve lost all of that.

I watched with interest as the Boy Scouts fought to keep the right to not have gay men serve in their leadership and admired their tenacity and willingness to stick to their principles.  I think the fight cost them far more than money though and in the end, they were broken and defeated, even though they’d won the battle.

These latest results show the truth in that.

I lost all confidence in the Boy Scout organization long ago.  Shortly after I moved to this side of the metroplex, I had an opportunity to go to the Boy Scout Museum in Irving(?).  A friend of mine was going to buy some stuff at their store and I went with him as I was curious to see what they had.

As we approached the building, I was shocked and amazed to see that there was a 30.06 posting on the door.  If you’re not a concealed handgun licensee or knowledgeable about such things, this prohibits a person with a CHL from entering the premises while carrying a handgun.

This level of stupidity from the people who have for over 100 years preached ” Be Prepared” was more than I could handle.  I stayed outside and didn’t enter.  I also decided then and there that the leadership of that organization was not to be trusted.  What duplicity!  What hypocrisy!  How stunningly disappointing.

A couple, three(?) years ago, I read a book I found on line called “The Pink Swastika”. Having read of similar things happening to the German version of the Boy Scouts under Hitler, I can’t say that the decision was entirely surprising, but it was still disappointing and disheartening.  This book is free to download, though it won’t have any pictures – you’ll need to buy the book for the pictures.  It’s a demoralizing read, but instructional.  So many of the same things that happened in Nazi Germany with the Hitler Youth program are coming to fruition here.

I understand that the Canadian version of Boy Scouts adopted the same policy years ago, only to see their membership numbers collapse.  I can only hope that enough sanity remains in the local units that they’ll pull out too.

The devil can corrupt anything.  I hope and pray that he is put in his place soon.

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