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School Marshall bill passes Senate

June 2, 2013

I was fairly surprised by this, and in a good way too.    It says Kelly Hancock sponsored it and I didn’t think he was conservative enough to go for something like that.  You can read about the bill here:

I had thought that there were already ways to take care of this as at least one ISD has a policy that CHL holders can already carry on school premises.

I’d prefer the latter approach to the problem as it would allow more than 1 per 400 and despite the assurances of the bill, I’m fairly confident that it won’t take very long before the “secret identity” of the trained representatives comes out. 

I’m glad that something so fairly close to common sense is being considered.  I hope it will turn out to be vastly superior to the Air Marshal program that has degenerated into such a massive waste of time and money. 

Using the 2nd Amendment to allow Concealed Carry seems like a better idea.  And Open Carry, but Texans seem to lack the intestinal fortitude for such a thing.

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