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OathKeepers Challenge Marines to protect the Constitution

June 3, 2013


After watching the tragedy of the gun confiscation in New Orleans, I heard about this organization. I’ve followed their stuff for years now. I’m a big fan of theirs. If I had my way, I’d require every officer in Watauga Police Department to be a member or be removed from their position. It’s part of the reason that I voted for “Meet and Confer” before I got off Council. I doubt the existing Council would have the intestinal fortitude to force it on the PD, but perhaps they can surprise me.

If you’re not familiar with OathKeepers, I’d recommend you check them out. It seems they take seriously the oath that they took to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foriegn and domestic”. It’s hard not to like people that like. May God bless their efforts.

I saw online that they recently took out a billboard near 29 Palms in California, a Marine base where LOTS of Marines do a lot of training. I love to see stuff like this. It warms my heart. As long as there are people who will take these kinds of things seriously, there will be hope for our Country.

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