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Proposed Petitions

September 26, 2013

While I was talking with Mr. Vick, I mentioned to him three petitions that I hope to get started shortly. I was actually hoping to have them up and running by now, but reading and learning what it takes to get elected at the Federal level has taken up a great deal of my time.

There will be three petitions. 1. Remove Red Light Cameras. 2. End Civil Service and 3. Pay or Waive.

I’ll briefly discuss these here, but I expect to put out more to support the positions in the near future.

Red Light Cameras serve no real purpose other than generating revenue for the City and the State. Since these cameras have gone in, there has been no change in fatalities at intersections. However the City of Watauga has generated almost a million dollars from the fines. I hate them. I hate even more the revenue generated by them that goes to the City for more frivolous police activity. Even more than that, I hate that the State gets the same amount of money (actually more) than the City.

Civil Service is a blight on this City. I don’t doubt for one second that when it was put in, that the people that voted for it thought they were doing a good thing for our Police and Fire, however, what they really unleashed is a flurry of red tape that hampers the city running a local police department. I’ll show proof of that later, but for now I’ll just remind you that the city of Southlake got rid of Civil Service because they couldn’t afford it. Southlake couldn’t afford it but somehow Watauga can?

Pay or waive is a property rights reclamation effort. The gist of it is that if City Code increases the cost of a project, then the city should be forced to pay the difference between a standard project and the code-compliant project. As an example, go look up pricing for a covered parking structure for your home. You’ll find that almost every company charges an additional amount ($200 in the ones I found) for dealing with the City and proving that their stuff meets code. If the code is so valuable to the residents of Watauga that they have to FORCE it on everyone else, then it’s only fair that they also pay for it. Property rights are what protect me from the do-gooders of the world. Property rights need to be restored and this is a great way to get that started.

As I get these finalized, I’ll post them to the blog and ask for your help to get them started. Once the requisite signatures have been collected, they’ll then be on the next ballot for voting on by the residents.

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