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State Representative Klick Office Opening

September 27, 2013

I think it was last Wednesday that our State Representative for District 91 had the grand opening for her office in the Frost bank building at Rufe Snow and 820. [I wrote this a while back now.  I don’t remember what the date was, but I posted something about it on my blog, so it was probably back in August.)

My wife and family attended the event, but I was not able to stay. I was disappointed to not have been able to stay longer as there were many people there that I would like to have said Hi to.

I got to meet Amber, Representative Klick’s scheduler. I’m not sure what her official title is, but each time I’ve emailed her or talked to her she’s been very pleasant and courteous.

The shindig seemed quite pleasant. I got to see her cut the big red ribbon and I marveled that people weren’t passing out in the heat and humidity, but I guess they all survived.

I’m glad that she’s so close. I have a great deal of respect for Representative Klick and I’m glad she’s been willing to serve the people of this community.

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